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The Dozer Bed

“We bought a large Dozer for our golden b/c our vet told us we needed a orthopedic bed, but our bichon kept sleeping on it so we bought her a small one also.”

~ Dave T. (Atlanta, GA)

“We have a springer spaniel and she loves to (needs to!) run. We bought a Dozer to make sure she’ll always be running!”

~ Meredith J. (Chicago, Il)

“We love the Dozer bed for many reasons: it doesn’t stink up the house, the gray color looks good in our house and our dog seems to love it.”

~ Adam S. (Appleton, WI)

“Clarence, our 8 year old was having a hard time getting on the bed. We bought him a Dozer and it works great right at the end of the bed.”

~ Will C.

“We bought the Dozer for Badger (our dog), but Bucky (our cat) keeps fighting her for it. I have to buy another!”

~ Jennifer M.

“We have a standard poodle and he always either preferred the floor or our bed. We bought a dozer bed and my wife and I can finally sleep without a constantly shifting dog in our bed again.”

~ Robert J.

“I have a brand new chocolate lab and after doing a bunch of research I bought a dozer bed. So far, so good! Cool integrated pump, btw. Thanks!”

~ Greer F.

“Very happy with our Dozer bed for Flow (a lab). Flow is getting older and her Vet thinks the Dozer bed will provide her more comfort when she sleeps.”

~ Nick H.

“My dachsund loves her Dozer! Her long body never really seemed supported on her prior beds, but based on the design of this bed she now gets the support she needs.”

~ Faye M.

“Barley (our golden retriever) doesn’t get around as well as he used to. My vet said that joint support was really important to help alleviate pain and help with joint stiffness and recommended Dozer. Barley seems more active and playful already. Thank you!”

~ Grace B.

“Speedy is always resting on her Dozer. Speaking for her, thank you!”

~ Dylan M.

“We have gone through A LOT of beds and this one is easily the best.”

~ Ashley M.

“Easy ordering and fast delivery. Set up was easy.”

~ Evan T.

“Charlie loves his Dozer bed! Thank you. It is so awesome!”

~ Alan B.

“I’ve never seen Lola so happy while she sleeps. I highly recommend the Dozer.”

~ Nicole C.

Buy with confidence every time you shop with Dozer. If you’re not happy with your experience, let us know and we’ll make it right.

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