Meet Dozer

We are dedicated to improving your pet’s health and happiness with our premium dog beds that we ourselves would be proud to sleep on.

Our Why

At Dozer, we have a vision that pet care is self care.

So we started a business where our first and only priority is pet wellness - because we believe that active, happy pets are the key to a better life for everyone.

When we take care of ourselves, we’re better people. Happy pets make us better people too. Dozer makes it easier to take care of yourself, by helping you take better care of your pet.

Our mission? Human technology and product design that’s finally good enough for family pets.

Humans have lived with pets for thousands of years. For most of that time, we kept the most advanced, comfortable products for ourselves. Dozer is here to change that.

Our whiteboard is the best science, engineering, design and materials available to humans. Our inspiration? The active pets we love.

We think the whole family should have equal access to the best humans have to offer.

Our Why
  • Pioneering

    We are just as passionate about technology and product design as owners are about their pets.

  • Premium

    We expect the best for ourselves - so only the best will do for our furry family. Skilled craftsmanship. High-quality materials. Durable construction.

  • Exceptional

    It’s not just a product, it’s a top-notch experience. That’s why we pride ourselves on exceptional service.

  • Empathetic

    We treat others how we want to be treated--especially our pets.

  • Family

    Simply, we make the best, and do the best so pets and owners can feel their best.


We <br>are

Our Inventor

Almost every business idea starts with a Problem and Solution…we were no different.  My Border Collie, Harley, dealt with aches & pains as she grew older---as an inventor I wanted to create something to help ease Harley’s pain.  I started with a bed because I know how much of a difference a good night sleep makes for me in terms of feeling healthy and having a positive outlook on life’s craziness. I figured since dogs sleep 12-20 hours a day (the lucky dogs!), making sure they get the best rest possible would help them live happier, fuller lives.

That’s why I engineered Dozer pet beds the same way top of the line human mattresses are constructed—with premium technology and high quality materials to ensure your pet is comfortable and supported so they can climb, chase, play, and, of course, doze their days away.  Ultimately, I think every pet owner wants the best for their pets, just like I do.  So, I invented a pet bed that pets love as much as their owners love them. 

--Dave Rossi

Our Inventor

Self care for your pet