Why "All Natural" Isn't What your Pooch Wants

Our pets are an extension of our family, and bring us incredible joy and comfort. Hearing their excited paws hit the floor when we come home from work or when they curl up on our laps after a long day brings a sense of companionship and warmth. They want the best for us, and make our lives better - and in turn, we want the best for them. 

Each day, as consumers, we’re inundated with labels proclaiming health and wellness, trying to influence our purchasing decisions. We make conscious efforts to eat better, sleep better, move better - all in an effort to feel and live better. 

Man on laptop with dog next to him on his Dozer dog bed. 

Wellness has become an increasingly important consumer category, to the tune of $4.2 billion as of  2017, as people prioritize their health - and it’s only growing. New advances in technology and nutrition have paved the way for amazing breakthroughs in the products we use day-to-day and finally, we’re able to extend those benefits to our pets.  

In fact, according to a recent Cascadia Capital report, 75% of customers are willing to buy products deemed “healthy” for their dogs, as compared to 71% for “premium” or 66% for “brand”. Owners are putting a higher value on keeping their beloved pets happier, healthier and living longer.  

But what is really healthy? For example, pet store shelves are lined today with food claiming to be “all-natural” and “organic”, but recent studies have shown that customers are paying a premium without the benefits. We are marketed to with grand claims - that these meals and treats will bring out our best dog, but slapping a fancy label on something without doing the due diligence behind it doesn’t mean it’s going to help our pets perform any better. While we can extend the know-how we employ to make lifestyles better for humans, doesn’t mean it will always work for our furry friends. Maybe a vegan diet has given you more energy, but for Fido - it could do more harm than good. We can get the right answers, but we need to apply it in the right way, for the right audience.  

In addition, health gets largely associated with diet and exercise, when it’s so much more. Often times, it’s not what our pets are ingesting and how they’re moving that keep them alert and playful. It’s the proactive, tried and proven everyday solutions that give them better days. 

Think of it this way - how do you feel after a night of truly restful sleep? You are likely more energetic, thinking more clearly and generally in a better mood. You aren’t handicapped by exhaustion and irritability. And sometimes all it takes to get the wonderful rest is the right bed - a mattress adjusted for optimum support. Alleviating pain points, muscle aches and giving your joints a rest means you’ll move more freely the following day and perhaps be more motivated, and maybe hit that treadmill with more ease. Now imagine extending those benefits to your pet. 

Enter Dozer. Here, we understand how much having the right support during times at rest can maximize times at play. And given our pets spend most of their time relaxing, they should have the preventative comforts that will increase their mobility and extend their active days far into the future.  

Our pets are just like us, they’re complex and unique and require different solutions to make them their best. That’s why our bed design includes internal technology layers that cater to their specific support needs. Despite the marketing we see on today’s shelves, organic food may not be what gets our pets to feel their best. We know how much better we feel when we get the rest we need, and that’s why we want to help our pets get that same level of care. Every dog has its day, we just want to make sure it’s a better one.