Where Should Your Pets Sleep?

Sleep is just as important for our furry friends, as it is for us. That’s why it’s often tempting to let Fido curl up in our beds with us at night. They get to enjoy the comforts of our bed, and we enjoy their company. But did you know, humans and pets may actually sleep better when they’re not sharing a bed? 

According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, people slept better when their dog was off of the bed. While this may surprise some, it shouldn’t. Our pets’ movements can be disruptive, and since they have different sleep patterns - theirs can negatively impact our own. Some dogs startle easily, reacting to stimuli, so when we move or roll over - it could unfortunately prompt them to growl or bark, in turn waking us up. Especially puppies, older dogs or pets that are sick, they are prone to respond suddenly and aggressively.  

Aside from mild discomforts, we also need to be careful of what our dogs could bring into our beds. As much as we love our furry friends, they can carry parasites, pollen or diseases - making us audience to allergies and illness. If our bed is our safe haven to recharge, the more we can do to keep it free of irritants, the better.  

As for our four-legged companions, they may love to snuggle up, but even if they can sleep comfortably beside us - is it really the best for them? There have been great advances in sleep technology, mattresses that can better support our bodies and relieve everyday aches and pains, but they aren’t designed with pets in mind, pets that have different anatomical make ups and specific needs.  

That’s not to say we have to sleep totally apart, and that having you furry friend close is a bad thing - as both humans and pets slept better when they were in the same bedroom. Looking at the study, people on average slept at an 83% sleep efficiency - taking into account time asleep and time in bed - when they kept their dogs in the bedroom, which was above what’s considered satisfactory. This number was above the average for participants who slept with their dogs in the same bed, where they woke up more throughout the night. Additionally, dogs experienced no difference in getting restful sleep whether they were on their owner’s bed, or just nearby. Fortunately with the advances we’ve seen in technology, we can keep our dogs nearby, but offer them the comfort and support they need on a pet bed expertly designed with their needs in mind.  

At Dozer, we understand that wanting the best for our pets, is wanting the best for ourselves. They make us happy, and the more we can make them happy and healthy benefits everyone. That’s why we’ve designed beds that take human-tested methods and applied them to our pets so they can get the rest they deserve. 

We understand having your dog curled up in the same room can bring a sense of comfort, but having their own bed designed specifically for their needs can bring them comfort. And today, it’s possible for both owners and pets to sleep better, and a different kind of together.