6 Ways To Show Your Puppy Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those we love— and who better to lavish affection on than your furry best friend? This year, take it a step further than the average treat or toy!

Here are 6 extra-special ways you can show your pup love on Valentine’s Day.

corgi running on boardwalk outside

  1. Head out for some extra fun exercise. What’s your dog’s favorite way to move? Head out to the dog park, go for an extra long walk, trek up a favorite hiking trail, or just take an extended stroll through the neighborhood! Your pup will love the extra steps and smells. 

  1. Amp up the dog bed game. Is it time for a dog bed upgrade? Orthopedic and odor-resistant dog beds like the Dozer bed are short-term cozy and long-term healthy for your best friend. 

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  1. Snuggle up for a night in. Quality time may be the best gift your pup could receive this Valentine’s Day, especially if they’re used to being home alone during the day. Make it a point to pop in a movie or cuddle up on the couch and give your dog all the pets. 
  1. Make dinner extra fancy. Does your pup have a favorite food? As long as it’s dog-safe, let them indulge a little bit! Lean chicken or turkey, ground beef, tuna, whole grains (brown rice or quinoa), or maybe just a little peanut butter can make your pet feel like royalty. 
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  1. Set up a playdate. You’ll always be your pet’s first love, but a little puppy playdate is always welcome! New friend or old, your dog will love running around with another pooch. 
  1. Head out on the town. Most of our pups love exploring new territory! Why not make it a win-win? Find a patio, brewery, restaurant, or patio with a pet-friendly policy and post up with your dog for a few hours. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, faithful dog moms and dads! Your pup is lucky to have you.

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