5 Ways to Make Your Puppy Less Anxious at Bedtime

5 Calming Bedtime Routines For Anxious Dogs 

It can be tough when your dog has anxiety, especially at bedtime. The symptoms can be annoying. You feel empathy for your pup’s nervousness. No one wins. 

Pet anxiety can manifest in some pretty challenging ways— pacing, whining, restlessness, and even destructive behavior. And while it’s important that you discover and address the source of the anxiety (whether it be fear, separation, aging, or something else), there are a few ways you can love on your dog and soothe their nerves before winding down at night. 

  1. Try a playlist.  

    No, it’s not a joke. Certain types of music have been proven to reduce tension and decrease dogs’ heart rates, according to one recent study. Which genres should you stick to? Try soft rock, reggae, and classical over faster beats like jazz or pop. 

  1. Be a calm presence. 

    Dogs are extremely intuitive animals. If you’re stressed, chances are they will be too. Before bedtime, try and practice a few relaxation techniques yourself to reduce any nervous energy you might be bringing into the room.
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  1. Try a cozy compression shirt. 

    You may not be the type to accessorize your dog, but a compression shirt or weighted blanket can be incredibly calming to an anxious pooch. Research shows that this type of gentle, continuous pressure can help release serotonin in dogs, imitating the feeling of a hug or cuddle. 

alarm clock next to bed

  1. Keep bedtime consistent.  

    Are you changing up your evening habits? Pups like routine, and an inconsistent bedtime ritual can be jarring. Do you take your dog outside around the same time every night? Do they know if they’re allowed to jump on the bed or the couch? Do you leave them for long hours while you head out on the town? Do your best to try and help your nervous pet know what to expect most nights. 

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  1. Pick a calming dog bed. 

    Calming dog beds with firm, even support like the Dozer dog bed create a conforming surface around your pet. By providing support to the spine, muscles, and joints, orthopedic dog beds can  help alleviate pain, provide a cozy environment, and help soothe anxious pets. 

Nighttime pet anxiety is no fun! Whether you try out a calming dog bed or a Bob Marley playlist, we hope both you and Fido get the chance to lay back and sleep tight. 

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